NYSC 2017 Batch “B”

All Prospective Corps Members (PCM) for the NYSC 2017 Batch “B” mobilisation are advised to visit the Directorate of Students’ Affairs between Friday 13th and Monday 16th October, 2017 for the correction of their data.

  • oluwajuwonlo

    Please when is laspotech admission list coming out

    • oluwajuwonlo


  • Jumbo daniels

    When is ND fulltime admission list be out?

  • Caroline

    Congratulations to my able seniors

  • edidiong

    pls wen is part time student resuming

  • edidiong

    when is part time student for2017/2018 session resuming pls

  • Sunlite

    Pls I need info about regularization based on d fresh graduands (HND) cos am confused whether 2 pay d 10k or nt cos we av paid 6k b4 4 regularization.fanx

  • sodiq

    pls sir/ma I will like you to please update me on the information on the admission of the full time students that closes of the 22nd of September, am yet to receive any information or to be contact, thank you

  • pls I have 52.50 scores pls did I qualify for accountancy? pls send my request answer to my email.

  • pls can I be accepted in a course of accountancy with 52.50 scores ?

  • Please is there any chance that HND form full time will still be opened even if it attracts late registration sir
    Lots of applicants are waiting sir
    Please consider reopening the HND APPLICATION even if it’s just for two weeks sir

  • Arinola

    Please when is HND admission list coming out..

    • oluwaseun

      when is HND FULLTIME list going to be released

  • When will full-time ND submission of data take place, am really curious about it cos i don’t wanna miss out thanks

  • Please when will ND full-time submission of data take place.

  • it is out

  • when will nd full time admission list be out

  • Fatai Erubami

    Pls when will ND pt form will be out

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