Eko Journal of Educational Research

Call for Papers:

The Eko Journal of Educational Research hereby calls for papers from scholars in different fields.
The following should be noted for the preparation of manuscripts:

1. Each article should not exceed 15 pages of quarto size sheets including references and tables.
2. Three copies (including the original) must be sent
3. Articles sent elsewhere for consideration will not be treated.
4. Typing should be double-spaced and only one side of the paper (including photo-copies)
5. The submitted work must be the original write￾up of the contributor
6. The cover page of the manuscript should bear

(a) Title of the article in capital letters e.g.
(b) A brief bio-data about the contributor showing his name, rank and institutional affiliation and highest qualification etc. e.g. E.A Akinade (Ph.D) Professor (Counseling Psychology,) Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos.
7. Second page is reserved for abstract of the paper. The abstract should not exceed 150 words.
8. The third page where the article proper starts. Its title is repeated with the name and address of the

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