Heads of Departments – SMBS

Dr. Cole A.A.
Chief Lecturer/Head of Department
Marketing adebayocole@gmail.com, cole.a@mylaspotech.edu.ng 08023014205
Mr. Wilson J. Awaiko
Chief Lecturer/Head of Department
Business Administration & Management wilsonawaiko2014@gmail.com, awaiko.w@mylaspotech.edu.ng 08037149044
Mr. Oseni I. Adesanya
Principal Lecturer/Ag.Head of Department
Banking & Finance sanyabale@gmail.com, oseni.a1@mylaspotech.edu.ng 08023359783
Mr. Ogunlami K.O
Lecturer I/Ag.Head of Department
Insurance kogunlami1@gmail.com, ogunlami.k@mylaspotech.edu.ng 08023450306
Mr. Anisere-Hameed R.A.
Senior Lecturer/Ag. Head of Department
Accountancy kunleani@yahoo.com aniserehameed.r@mylaspotech.edu.ng 08035378367